Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bantha Fodder - La Sangre Del Vampiro

Second EP from Bantha Fodder, recorded and released just after their vocalist was forced to return to the UK with visa issues.
Pete Fodder stepped up to take on the vocal duties as well as playing guitar.
A departure in sound from the AIEEEEEEEEE release in 1995, La Sangre Del Vampiro unleashed Bantha Fodder's signature upon the music world. Deriving their sound from acts such as Misfits, Rocket From The Crypt, The Cramps and and Ramones with their own horror inspired uniqueness, one of my favourite releases of all time.

1. Roxer Boxer.
2. Blood Simple.
3. Bill-Pax-A-Ton.
4. Amphetamarines.
5. Pyre Awaken Vampira.
6. Bantha Fodder.


Bantha Fodder - AIEEEEEEEEEEE EP (1995)

Hugely popular in the late 90's punk rock scene in Australia, Brisbane's Bantha Fodder bought a touch of polished cool geek chic to the table with both their releases and live shows.
This first EP of theirs was recorded in 1995 with their old singer whose name escapes me. This EP was a bit rough and the band was still finding it's sound, it's very garage rock n roll compared to the later Misfits/Rocket From The Crypt horror rock n roll sound that they nailed down.


1. T.V Repairman.
2. Maybe.
3. Granny Jones.
4. Leigh.
5. Dark By Demand.